Prague Fashion Business Association
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Our society consists of VSE students with both a passion/interest for fashion and a business drive. We did notice an absence of a similar association in our university and discovered that a need for one surely does exist. Our association’s goals are relatively simple: we strive to connect and provide. We want to connect both fashion-oriented students, fashion companies and fashion professionals for the exchange of ideas, creativity and connections. We will provide platforms for these exchanges, such as events and seminars, and create an active community of business students, fashion students, fashion firms and professionals from the industry. What will we offer our members for their membership at PFBA?
  • A close community of similar fashion-interested/passionate students and professionals. Members will have the possibility to share their thoughts, ideas and creativity and benefit from the input from other members/professionals.
  • Furthermore, we will organize tons of events related to fashion and the business of fashion.
  • We are providing an opportunity to practice and apply one’s skills by joining a committee or holding Board positions.
  • A network of students with similar interests, firms and professionals.
What will we offer our potential partners?
  • Platforms on which our partners may share their knowledge, ideas, thoughts and creativity on their areas of expertise. In exchange, our partners will receive valuable feedback and evaluations by our members.
  • The opportunity for partners to establish connections with other partners during events such as seminar days.
  • A pool of students who consider taking a career in the fashion branch, from which fashion firms may find valuable potential employees.