Prague Fashion Business Association
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The first PFBA event is a fact! And we must say, it was a succes. The evening commenced with a presentation about the student association. Info was given on why PFBA is established:

There is no fashion organization at VSE, who connects the business side to the creative facet of the industry. Also, there is no sufficient choice to choose from international organizations. PFBA is an international organization with English as its main language. We got to know that PFBA wants to raise awareness of luxury and fashion at our University, because with the first issue of Vogue coming to the Czech Republic coming in September, it really is the time to start developing our fashion knowledge at VSE!

So what can PFBA be for you? This was one of the questions of the evening. First of all, it is an opportunity to participate in an organization, which would be a very nice addition to your resume. In our modern world, recruiters are more focussing on your extracurricular activities. Studying is not only about finishing your studies anymore. It is beneficial if you get some real-life communication and organizational skills. What other place would it be better to get those skills then a cool student fashion organization? 🙂